Sara Sjölin

Sara's New Cat


Sara's New Cat, documentation 1

During Sara’s first year at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts she applied for funds from the academy to buy a cat. The application was justified as follows.

”I’m at the moment doing a project that involves the shaping of my life in the form of my artistic practice. I shall adapt my everyday chores - everything but my painting - to stimulate my painterly psyche and thereby influence my artistic practice in a positive way. Therefore I apply for funds to buy a cat. The cat shall act as my emotional shield, against human proximity. For a long time I’ve longed for the intimacy of a cat, and I want to satisfy that need so that I can focus even better on my work. I plan to also use the cat as a model for my painting. I’ve been surrounded by cats all my life, and I feel that something’s been missing since I moved here, without a cat.”

Sara was granted the 4000 DK that she applied for. The money was spent on cat-stuff and cat food while Sara herself paid for the cat. At Rundgang she exhibited it all: the cat-stuff, her application, pictures of the cat and the reservation receipts from the Russian Blue breeder.

Sara's New Cat, documentation 2

Sara ́s New Cat, Rundgang 2013